Introduction to Pendulum Dowsing

Raise your conscious awareness and enhance your intuition by learning how to use a pendulum by going beyond the normal 5 senses! 

As a body mind Bio- Energy healer my area of expertise is detecting energy imbalances in the body’s energy field and finding the root cause of illness. 

However, dowsing with a pendulum has many other uses; in this workshop you will use a technique that will enable you to do most of the following:

  • Determine if you have any food intolerances to wheat, coffee, sugar, milk etc.
  • Determine if you have any chemical allergies.
  • Determine which remedy or natural health products will be most beneficial for you.
  • Learn how to scan lists for nutritional food supplements, Vortex homeopathic vibrational remedies, Bach Flower, vitamins, herbs and essential oils and cell tissue salts.
  • Check out what crystals and gems your body needs for healing.
  • Find out which chakras are out of balance and how to balance them with crystals.
  • Determine what remedies do I need and dosage?
  • Which emotional affirmation would empower me?
  • What color would bring in the highest vibration to wear or bring into my living space today?
  • How to find missing objects.
  • Dowse to see if your home is safe from electromagnetic and geopathic stress.
  • Learn how to raise the frequency of your food, water, and wine, to make it more compatible with your body.

*To determine the root cause of illness, enquire about the Foundational Course.


- How to program your pendulum.

- Ask permission.

- How to ask questions.

- How to protect yourself to prevent draining of energy.

- Chart dowsing. (Analysis & Treatment)

- Use of pie chart and percentage chart.

Pendulum dowsing can be used for anything that has the intention to serve us well. Many advanced dowsers will find an area of specialization connected with health such as locating electromagnetic or geopathic stress. To find out the root cause of illness please enquire about my advanced courses.